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  • Rs. 1.18 Cr. onwards
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Chandak Highscape City Chembur East Project Highlights

Chandak Highscape City Chembur East is an under construction residential prelaunch project in Mumbai. Developed by Chandak Group a renowned real estate property developer. It is a big mega project for the company. Offering 1100 units of premium apartments. It’s like a whole residential township development happening is this locality.

Welcome to Chandak Chembur East, here these luxury homes for sale residences find peace in the heart of the city. Chandak Highscape City is located at Mumbai's growing real estate market. It is an upcoming residential project in Mumbai. Though this multistorey building is modern, spacious, luxurious still it comes under affordable housing segment. Chandak Developers Highscape City stands tall as a testament to sleek, stylish, elegant and modern living. Offering 1 BHK in Chembur, 2 BHK flat for sale and 3 BHK Flat in Chembur.

Chandak Highscape Chembur is one the best residential project also known as Mumbai future projects. It is a symbol of brand new high rise apartments with well-designed custom built homes. This property for sale has a promise of fulfilling your dream when you buy home in Mumbai. Chandak Builders have few ongoing construction projects, but this one is a new under construction project in Chembur. While building this high-rise tower, they have kept attention and a vision to redefine urban living. Chandak Builders brings forth an architectural marvel that caters to the discerning tastes of home buyers and property investors in Mumbai.

If you look at Chembur East, it has one of the best residential areas in Mumbai. It has a thriving social infrastructure, coupled with its green spaces and serene ambiance. This makes it an ideal destination for investing your money in any upcoming launches in Mumbai. When you buy flat in Chembur you will have a balanced lifestyle amidst the chaos of the Mumbai city.

Amenities: When you buy Chandak Group Highscape City, it’s every aspect has contemporary design and panoramic view. This luxury real estate project is being constructed to enhance your living experience. It has all the home amenities, from smart home features, fitness centers and lush landscaped gardens. It also has meditation zones and spa facilities, all 30+ amenity is designed to cater to your holistic well-being.

Whether you buy 1BHK in Chembur or 2BHK flat you will enjoy the sparkling swimming pool. The amenities include, gym and fitness center, a clubhouse, jogging track, tennis court, children’s play area, yoga and meditation room, spa and sauna, indoor and outdoor games. You will also have a lounge area, 24/7 security, gated community, intercom facility, library room, power backup, waste management system, pet friendly, rooftop amenities, car parking and visitors parking, EV charging stations, Wi-Fi connectivity, party lawn and many others. You can host friends and family gatherings at the spacious clubhouse. Even simply taking a leisurely stroll in the sprawling green garden. Chandak ongoing projects in Mumbai offers a plethora of amenities to cater to your every mood and need.

Design and Architecture: When you buy Chandak Highscape City new launch project in Chembur, you will be greeted by an aura of elegance and beautiful architecture design building. This new apartment is designed by renowned architects and crafted with precision. Every corner of Chandak Tower has an unparalleled sense of style and built with finesse.

When you go for a site visit and check the master plan you will notice a grand entrance lobby planned for living spaces. Every detail of this newly constructed gated community apartment reflects a commitment to quality. When planning to buy a house in Chembur look for modern design apartments, spacious layouts and premium finishes. This property in Chembur redefines luxury living with a beautiful home.

Investment Potential: Chandak Realty project is great opportunity for real estate investors in Mumbai. Property investors looking to capitalize on booming real estate market presents a lucrative opportunity. This developer is one of the best builders in Mumbai. When you buy luxury apartments in Mumbai you check for location, world-class amenities and building design. Chandak Group promises not just a home but a sound ROI on your land investment.

Chembur property market is a steady and has appreciation on real estate values. This makes this gated community complex a promising asset that ensures long-term returns on investment.

Key Aspects of Chandak Highscape City Project

Bedroom: This Chandak Developer new launch projects in Chembur East have designed their bedroom into larger than before. The 2 BHK flats in Chembur the bedrooms are big and spacious. Your new apartments in Chembur will give you a perfect ambiance for relaxation after a long day. It’s 1 BHK home for sale has ample natural light and well-designed floor layouts to create atmosphere for restful nights.

Bathroom: In Chandak Highscape apartments the bathrooms are also modern designed. All the flats have contemporary washroom fittings and fixtures. It has marble bathrooms, walk-in shower and tub, everything here is designed to upgrade your bathing experience. This apartment complex is a brand new building with sleek countertops to elegant tiles.

Kitchen: When you purchase these apartments, you will get modern kitchen which is equipped with high-quality appliances with ample storage space. Even if you are preparing a meal or hosting a dinner party, this modular kitchen is designed to cater to your culinary needs. With your stylish premium fittings kitchen room you will make your cooking a delight.

Balcony: Chandak Highscpae flats will give you a private balcony where you can soak in panoramic views of the surrounding Chembur East area. Even you sip your morning tea or you unwind in the evening snacks, your balcony is your personal oasis in the middle of the city life.

Furnishing: In Chandak properties in Chembur you can experience the luxury living with our custom built furnishing options. When you buy 1 BHK for sale in Chembur East, you can redesign your own apartments according to your preference. You can bring your own interior decorator for your newly built home and decorate your elegant furniture pieces. You will always feel like to sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself with your family in furnished smart home.

Electrical Fittings: When you buy 2 BHK in Chembur you will stay connected and powered up with electrical fittings. Chandak new launch project in Chembur have used energy-efficient lighting solutions and safety features in their electrical fittings. This new apartment has prioritized every aspect of building a smart home.

Walls: Chandak new residential project in Chembur building’s interior and exterior walls are a testament to quality construction and craftsmanship. The high-rise apartments in Chembur East showcases a blend of modern design elements and timeless elegance.

Design: This upcoming project in Chembur Mumbai is designed by the award-winning Indian architect. This high rise residential tower is a harmonious and beautifully designed. We have focused on building these apartments in Chembur with the natural green surroundings and modern architecture. The construction design of the apartment complex will give you panoramic view from the rooftop and reflects a sense of greenery everywhere.

Landscaping: When you buy flat in Chembur East you will surround yourself with lush greenery and beautifully gardens. Chandak upcoming project in Chembur has well-maintained outdoor spaces which offer a serene retreat from the busy Mumbai city life. Whether you are taking a leisurely stroll or simply enjoying the fresh air, this residential property High Scape City provide the perfect backdrop for relaxation.

You can also check other residential projects by Chandak Builders - GreenAiry Borivali and Treesourus Malad West.

Chandak Highscape City Chembur Project Highlights

Property Type Luxury Apartments
Area and Size 400 to 890 Sq. Ft
Unit Type 1, 2 and 3 BHK Flats
Total Residential Towers 4 High Rise Towers
Project Status Under Construction
Price 1.18 Cr. onwards
Locality Chembur East
RERA Number P51800055726
Number of Units 1100 Residential flats
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Welcome to Chandak Highscape City Chembur East Residential Project

Chandak Highscape Project is the first project for this company in Chembur residential area. Promising a new era of elevated living in this vibrant Mumbai neighbourhood. Offering a variety of property types, including 1, 2, and 3 BHK apartment for sale. Highscape City caters to the diverse needs and preferences of homebuyers.

As of now, this will be an under construction prelaunch residential project. Anyone looking for a home in Chembur will be excited to know more about these new flats for sale. This property in Chembur is spread across 13 acres of land parcel. The first phase comprises of 4 high rise towers. If you want to buy house in Chembur they have total of 1100 units of apartments for sale.

When you buy 1 BHK in Chembur East the property sizeable land parcel ensures ample space for residents to indulge in leisure activities. Enjoy green surroundings and experience a sense of openness amidst the bustling cityscape. With a starting price of 1 BHK flats in chembur is 1.18 Crore onwards. Chandak properties presents an attractive investment opportunity in Mumbai's dynamic real estate market.

Chandak Highscape Price List

1.18 Cr. onwards
Sizes 400 - 440 Sq. ft
Type Buy 1 BHK flat in Chembur
1.85 Cr. onwards
Sizes 640 - 690 Sq. Ft
Type Buy 2 BHK flat in chembur
2.56 Cr. onwards
Sizes 840 - 890 Sq. Ft
Type Buy 3 BHK in Mumbai
Chandak Highscape Amenities

Swimming Pool
Kids Play Area
Vehicle Parking
Power Backup
Open Garden
Gated Community
Security System
Chandak Highscape Location
Chandak Highscape Chembur Location

Chandak Real Estate Developer new launch is located in Chembur (E). Highscape City apartments enjoys the perks of being situated in one of Mumbai's most sought-after prime location. It has an excellent connectivity to all the nearby areas. Mumbai business districts, educational institutions, healthcare facilities and entertainment zones. Chandak Highscape City Building offers unparalleled convenience for home buyers in Chembur.

Why and how should you buy Chandak Highscape City in Chembur East?

There are many reasons for you to buy Chandak properties in Chembur. We will still list out few of them for better understanding as to why and how to buy luxury apartments in Chembur.

Developer's Reputation, Awards, and Past Projects

Reputation: Chandak Company, the developer behind Chandak latest project in Chembur, enjoys a stellar reputation in the real estate industry. With a legacy of excellence spanning decades, Chandak Constructions is renowned for its commitment to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. The developer's dedication to delivering world-class real estate residential projects has earned it the trust and admiration of house buyers and investors.


  1. Best Developer Award: The Group has been honored with numerous awards for its outstanding contributions to the real estate sector in India. These accolades and awards serve as a testament to the developer's commitment to excellence and innovation in every aspect of its projects.
  2. Quality Excellence Award: The property developers relentless pursuit of building quality and craftsmanship has been recognized with prestigious awards. The excellence in building construction, design and overall project execution.
  3. Customer Satisfaction Award: This one of the best real estate company in Mumbai takes immense pride in prioritizing customer satisfaction above all else. The developer has been recognized with many awards for its exceptional customer service and dedication to meeting the needs and expectations of its clients.

Past Projects:

  1. Paloma: A luxurious residential project in Goregaon. With premium amenities, spacious layouts and impeccable design.
  2. Next: Located in Dahisar, this new building is a testament to modern urban living. Featuring contemporary architecture, thoughtful amenities and innovative design elements.
  3. Nishchay: Situated in Borivali, it is one of the dream home in maximum city Mumbai. With lush green surroundings, serene ambiance and well planned homes. This residential property offers a peaceful retreat from the chaos of metro city life.

Chandak Builders impressive portfolio of past projects showcases its expertise in creating exceptional living spaces. That cater to the diverse needs and aspirations of homebuyers. With a track record of success, a slew of prestigious awards, and a commitment to excellence. The company stands as a beacon of credibility and trustworthiness in the real estate industry in India.

Advantages of Investing in Chandak Highscape Township project

For Non Resident Indian's / NRIs:

  1. Prime Location: Chandak High Scape project location in Chembur offers NRIs a prime investment opportunity in one of Mumbai most sought-after neighborhoods. Ensuring high appreciation potential.
  2. Ease of Transaction: Chandak Group of companies facilitates smooth and hassle-free property transactions for NRI. Providing assistance with documentation, legal formalities and financial transactions.
  3. Potential Rental Income: With Chembur growing rental market, NRI's can capitalize on rental potential. Earning a steady income stream from leasing out their property.

For Real Estate Investors:

  1. High Appreciation Potential: Chandak High Scape Project has a strategic location. It has premium amenities and quality construction make it an attractive investment destination. With the potential for substantial capital appreciation over time.
  2. Strong Rental Demand: The location proximity to business hubs, educational institutions and healthcare facilities ensures a robust rental demand. Offering home investors a steady rental income and high occupancy rates.
  3. Resale Value: Chandak HighscapeCity reputation as a premium residential project coupled with its desirable location. It enhances its resale value. Providing investors with lucrative exit opportunities in the future.

For Homebuyers:

  1. Luxurious Living: Chandak Highscape Apartments in Chembur offers homebuyers a luxurious living experience. With modern amenities, spacious interiors and premium finishes.
  2. Convenience and Connectivity: Situated in Chembur, The Highscape City Chembur provides homebuyers with easy access to main areas. Such as business districts, educational institutions and entertainment hubs.
  3. Peace of Mind: Chandak Developers has good reputation for quality construction and customer satisfaction. It makes homebuyers of enjoy peace of mind. They are investing in a reliable and reputable developer with a track record of delivering exemplary projects.

Investing in Chandak Highscape Project in Chembur presents NRIs, investors, and homebuyers with a host of advantages. Including prime location and high appreciation potential. Also a strong rental demand, luxurious living, convenience and peace of mind. With its attractive features and promising prospects, Highscape City project emerges as a lucrative investment opportunity in Mumbai's real estate market.

Potential Return on Investment: Investing in Chandak Highscape City offers promising returns on investment due to several factors:

  1. Location Appreciation: This area is witnessing rapid development and infrastructure upgrades. Leading to increased property values over time.
  2. Rental Yield: The strong rental demand in this locality makes steady rental income for real estate investors. Providing an additional source of returns.
  3. Developer Reputation: Chandak Infrastructure company has track record of delivering high-quality projects. Adds the projects resale value, potentially yielding profitable returns for residential investors.

Growth Prospects: Chandak new building presents robust growth prospects due to:

  1. Urban Development: The areas is being developed as a commercial and residential hub in Mumbai. Makes sure of sustained growth and appreciation of property values.
  2. Infrastructure Projects: There are many ongoing and planned infrastructure projects in Chembur. Such as metro connectivity and road expansions. Further boost the area's growth prospects.
  3. Economic Opportunities: Near to business districts and employment centers creates economic opportunities. Attracting professionals and driving demand for residential properties.
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